About Us

PalletPaddy is proud to introduce a new home delivery service for our products to Jersey households.

As with all our activity, we stand by our principle: No nonsense!

  • No nonsense Quality:  Our years of experience with distribution of solid fuels have allowed us to select the top quality most popular products, so you get great value for money. Whether you’d like to take advantage of our online service, or contact us directly, it has never been easier to get everything you need for your fire, in one place.  ►► See all the ways of contact and placing an order HERE
  • No nonsense Delivery:  We strive to be one of the fastest delivery service on the island, to ensure you are not waiting on the products you need.  Also, we’re there for you during Weekends.   ►► See detailed information about Delivery HERE
  • No nonsense Prices: We deal with you directly, which means you don’t need to pay extra on a string of intermediaries. Also, there are no hidden charges, all taxes and delivery costs are included in the price. We even top that with further advantages, so you get a fair deal   ►► See more information on discount terms and payment methods on our Terms&Conditions page HERE
  • No nonsense Service:  We’ll always keep in touch to ensure smooth service. Also, have a look at our  extra information on the website or ask upon delivery.   ►► See our Quick tips page HERE