Order Guidelines

PalletPaddy is not only reliable, but versatile, so we will let you choose the ordering method that suits you best:

► Use our online shop : It is easy to use and the best way to make sure both you and us have all the needed information.

Why Create an Account:  HERE

You can opt to order online Without creating an Account:  If you’re unsure or just want to sample the products, you’ll just need to check the “Guest checkout” option when you finish your order. Bear in mind though that you will have to fill in your details every time you do this

► Contact us by email:  If you have a query about our products, or you already know them and are in a hurry, use our Contact form to place an order HERE

► Order by phone : Ring or text us on 07797858527. This is our recommended method for urgent or special deliveries, in which case extra costs may apply. Both parties will agree on transaction details prior to delivery. ! Please note !: We cannot guarantee an immediate answer, although we will give you a callback ASAP. Also, we cannot guarantee delivery times on phone orders before having made contact. Normal  orders may get priority when placed online, but we will provide the same quality of service and as short a delivery time as possible, invariably.