Terms & Conditions

Welcome, and Thank you for your visit to PalletPaddy’s Shop!

We value our customers above all else, so we strive to deliver a service we can be proud of. We are therefore prepared to be very flexible to meet your needs, but we do need to establish a few simple ground rules:

You can order our products any way you choose, but we recommend using the online shop for ease and completeness. Please make any phone or text orders between 9AM-8PM

The minnimum value of any online order is £20, in any combination of products, and after all offers and discounts have been applied.

The delivery times and conditions are specified in our Delivery information page HERE

We prefer to contact you by phone to confirm your order and to make sure we reach you in a timely manner and as your schedule best allows. However, if you do not wish to be contacted please specify that in the “Add Comments About Your Order ” section upon checkout or within the text area of your email. Please note: We cannot guarantee delivery unless sufficient delivery details are provided. We will, however, do our best to contact you if they are incomplete (in the order: mobile phone, home phone, email), during our daytime hours  (9AM-8PM ), Mon to Fri. Minimum delivery details are: Full Client’s Name, Accurate Home address, Email address.

Our accepted Payment methods are Cash, Cheque, and Bank Transfer, with the following ammendments:

We offer advantages in value or products depending on : -order totals, -product quantity, -reduced prices on certain products, -recommendation. All offers are subject to date and availability. Make sure to check our present offers on our Specials Page HERE

We retain the right to identify and ban, restrict website access, or make a claim against any Party who uses this Online shop inappropriately or for any other purposes than viewing  products, ordering products or contacting us with regard to our products.

Innapropriate uses include but are not limited no: Setting up an account using false details, Placing false orders, Making false comments or reviews.

T&C Valid from: 01.11.2013